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Core Staff

– Khadra Sarman (Managing Director)

– Safiya Mohammed (Administrator)

– Nimo Jama (Play Worker)

– Zainab Aden (Play Worker)

– 2 Youth Workers

– 3 Volunteers

Management Committee

The management committee consists of five members, they are unpaid, and are the top rank of the organizational chart.  They are local and have the skills and experience that enables them to understand the needs of our service users, and to manage the organization effectively; they have different qualifications and work with the community in different jobs. For example they are qualified as community development, accountancy, IT specialist, Advocacy, youth work, or Advice work. Some of them represent the parents and young people which are our main service users. They are also effectively working towards the organization’s mission, and sharing that common goal make them an excellent team players and  leaders, which are the key strengths for them to deliver effectively the organization’s aims and objectives.